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In fact, several people have pointed out that the fate of the project conforms to the negative stereotype of American liberals running and hiding in a safe space the moment there is any substantial/valid criticism of their positions. IH does note that just ending the project would have been the more dignified thing to do. “The infinite bounds of sunburnt land and barreling blue swells are limited only by your imagination. Kick out the sand, pump up the tunes, and rip into some Mother. Crisp and cool with a kaleidoscope blend of flavours. It’ll keep the fast times spinning morning, noon, and night. In “The Cost of Concordia”, this is the main cause of the ship’s crash.

Trolls manipulated the results to send him to the most remote Walmart location they could find in Kodiak, Alaska. But Pitbull honoured the results and went to Kodiak, and it ended up being a great show and excellent PR, which was the whole point of the campaign. He doesn’t seem to be nearly as tolerant of the for-profit meme thievery by Instagram. However, he seems satisfied with the conclusion after it was revealed that Reddit was also stealing memes from Instagram. So online piracy is okay, as long you yourself produce content for others to steal.

At first it was him just trying to downplay the damage or not knowing the full scope of it himself, but once it became clear the ship was going down and evacuation needed to begin, he snuck off the ship in a lifeboat, claiming he tripped into it and didn’t have time to get out so he might as well take it to safety. He ignored the fact he could have easily taken the lifeboat back once it let off its current evacuees (in fact, that’s what he was outright told to do by the Coast Guard), plus he took the time to change out of his captain’s uniform into a business suit beforehand, as if intending to slip away in the confusion. Possibly the most galling one of his lies comes from an interview he did with a local news crew while rescue efforts were still underway, in which he claimed he was one of the last people to leave the ship. He gives the inexperienced development team behind Fallout 76 his sympathy for having very little time on their hands and being given such a massive project to complete with tools that really weren’t designed for it. By the end of the video, he also confesses to holding out hope that the game improves, also throwing a bone to No Man’s Sky as another disastrous launch that eventually corrected itself into a good game.

“Very Serious Business” is all about various businesses completely failing to realize that allowing the consumer to take part in your online marketing might cause some ridiculous things to inevitably happen. After the success of #MeetTheFarmers, McDonald’s decided to create a new hashtag called #McDStories for those interested to share nice experiences they had at their restaurants. Soon, after some actual true stories, the trolls went to work to make up even more absurd things they “encountered” during their time at a Mickey D’s. Both are Triple A games that were hyped to hell and had disastrous launches due to the fact that both were handled by teams that were relatively new to the types of games they were, so neither was actually finished or refined by release. The difference is that Bethesda is an industry juggernaut with a well established fanbase that had no real excuse to put out a product this broken while Hello Games was a small indie studio that was simply out of its depth when it came to a project like No Man’s Sky.

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Besides the already known disastrous things about the Festival, Historian failed to leave with the other attendees due to chasing a frisbee into the woods and somehow got lost enough on the small island to be trapped on Norman’s Cay a la Cast Away. He eventually decides to finally go home via a makeshift raft after finally burying Fyre Festival… While discussing the scope of No Man’s Sky, he shows an article stating that the universe would take over 584 billion years to explore.It’s so vast, that by the time you finish exploring it all, I would have two new videos published.

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“TheVarus Strakes Buck” is set continuing off said ending, with President Elon Musk celebrating the unveiling of his new “cyber-rocket” and his plans to recolonize Earth from Mars while discussing “the mistakes of the past.” It ends with him coughing up blood, revealing he’s infected and the virus has somehow arrived on Mars. “Tales From TheVarus” is set up à la an After the End scenario from Fallout with the viewer coming out of cyro to be informed of what happened during the COVID-19 outbreak by a robot. The thieves in the 2000 Swedish Nationalmuseum robbery avoided the police, left no identifiable evidence at the scene, and got away successfully with three paintings worth millions. If only they didn’t use their real phone number when renting out their getaway motorboat .

Kgf 2 Box Office Collection: Day Wise & Worldwide Earnings

Camping himself retired in shame and died about two years after all the infamy. Family Radio sold off major stations to pay for the massive doomsday ad campaign, and had to sell off more when donations dried up following the backlash. They had to distance themselves as far as they could from Camping, even removing the archives of his work from their website.

KGF is doing a sensational business all over the world and it has already collected around ₹624 crores in just six days. The way it is running all across the globe and we will be not surprised if it becomes the most earning Indian movie. I can’t imagine I’ll ever buy that bundle, but the icon doesn’t bother me.

  • Fallon is shown laughing at/doing unfunny memes when they are discussed and he is shown in a box of tools during My Immortal.
  • KGF is doing a sensational business all over the world and it has already collected around ₹624 crores in just six days.
  • All videos are narrated with a calm, soothing and sophisticated tone through and through, a comedic contrast with the bizarre facts and trends that are covered.
  • The NordVPN ad in “The Swedish Job” portrays NordVPNMan attempting to sell the product as foreplay with his friend, desperate to make things romantic.
  • Durex then decided to use an online poll to decide where the app should open next, with the most votes being counted for the conservative Muslim city of Batman, Turkey.

In “Jeff The Killer”, IH almost loses his composure when reading some particularly silly lines (such as stifling his laughter when the mother tells the father to “get the gun”), and occasionally derails the reading to question particularly stupid plot points or to laugh at the bad grammar that permeates the story. The title of “Liverpool’s Closed | He Will Not Divide Us” is a direct one right back to “Pool’s Closed,” complete with the meme itself adapted to the circumstances. Kurt Eichenwald’s lawyer claims it took several weeks until he was even capable of speaking properly after his seizure, despite Eichenwald responding to the tweet that gave him that seizure the very next day and appearing on Newsweek in perfect health just three days after the incident.

Kgf 2 Box Office Collection Day Wise

What downplays this is the fact that not too long before his second predicted date, he rescinded the new prophecy and expressed genuine regret and guilt for what he had done. Zigzagged for the company responsible for the Costa Concordia, Costa Crucia. While they dodged all criminal liability for the disaster, their stock prices dropped by 23% and as of 2020, their parent company “Carnival” has been struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic and had a net loss of $1.9 billion. According to a quote from Ronai, this was because Hungary didn’t have any laws in the books against insurance fraud.

While they may have pulled off a scam and gotten away with a good deal of cash in the immediate short term, their names are now permanently attached to its failure, and the short-term gains weren’t worth the long-term impact to their reputations. On the other hand, this was also a responsibility of the press, and the widespread acceptance of Hello Game’s proposals as outright promises only ensured that there would be monolithic expectations they’d never realistically reach in time. IH overall expresses more sympathy for Hello Games in this regard, as they were being put up on a pedestal but didn’t have the resources, skill, or experience to handle the PR in a better way. Ironically enough, once the ensuing Internet Counterattack occurred with criticisms and accusations coming from every angle, Hello Games decided to go radio silent with zero communication, focusing on their work and allowing it to speak for them when it was ready, which ended up being vital to giving them the resolve to fix their game.

His ad for Honey in Jeff the Killer starts with a hilariously over-the-top scenario where a man is denied life-saving medicine for his future-president daughter because he is one cent short. He then legitimately describes Honey’s benefits, even if he does crack up every now and again while doing so. The Gentleman Pirate, the longest video on either channel at an hour and sixteen minutes, has its own page. All videos are narrated with a calm, soothing and sophisticated tone through and through, a comedic contrast with the bizarre facts and trends that are covered. Try our easy to use Minecraft set up guides to find the best, cheapest cards. If you want to check your frame rate, you can bring up the debug screen by pressing F3.

All instances of people who represent players of No Man’s Sky are wearing space helmets. Similarly, when asked if he’d attend Rainfurrest he says yes with absolute zero hesitation, admitting that while he’d mostly do it to get material for a new video he’d also probably have a blast at such an event. Then the guard’s mate shows up and Pyro has the great idea to shoot him; this immediately prompts every guard in the castle to rush to the scene after the surviving guard raises the alarm, including several archers. In 2011, Harold Camping made national headlines claiming the Rapture was coming in May, and then later in October.

In the Q+A, Historian does note he’s not sure whether or not this was true, and that even if it was there were plenty of other charges the courts could have convicted them for, but the fact remains that the scammers got off scot-free in the end. Also zigzagged with the guy who trashed a Gamestop for denying him a refund for Fallout 76; the fact that he was never arrested for property damage leads the Historian to theorize that the video of him trashing the place was actually staged. Camping’s prophesizing of the end of the world goes against Christian scripture, which outright states that no one can know when the Rapture is coming; someone who says otherwise can be punished with excommunication. Which is more or less what ended up happening when Camping was Unpersoned by Family Radio.

Finally, Historian gives Camping some points for actually owning up to his mistakes. In the end, Historian sees Camping as a man who truly believed what he was saying, but flew too close to the sun by creating such a massive campaign. When the campaign failed, the backlash and outrage were more than what Camping could handle. Not only that, but the campaign’s failure effectively destroyed his life’s work, as his reputation and the radio company he hosted raid shadow legends advertising budget collapsed due to dwindling viewership and donations after the Rapture didn’t happen. While not dropping his sense of humor, Historian portrays all of this as a pitiable outcome. The IH admits that the first few iterations of Shia LeBouf’s “He Will Not Divide Us” campaign were genuinely inspired, did attract a lot of attention, and created a lot of discussion, even saying of the project “it was arguably the greatest reality TV show over the last decade”.

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During the ad break in “Very Serious Business” he makes a lighthearted jab at Twitch streamer Shroud, who regularly watches his videos in his streams, for always skipping his ads. Fallon is shown laughing at/doing unfunny memes when they are discussed and he is shown in a box of tools during My Immortal. His Sundance Rejects videos utilize Limited Animation and various stock images crudely edited and photoshopped to serve as characters. The belief in the Rapture espoused by Harold Camping in “Going Camping at the End of the World” is not an universal one in Christianity with mainstream denominations like Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, several Protestants and Quakers pointing out that trying to decipher when it happens goes against the scriptures. In fact, some Catholics and Protestant groups mobilized to protest against this campaign.

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He also has a second channel, titled “Incognito Mode”, which hosts In The Field and Sundance Rejects, along with supplementary Q&As for main channel videos. He’s also been frequently streaming on Twitch, which also has his usual Stylistic Suck. So, this is what KGF 2 has collected all across the world and it will continue for some time as its popularity increases every passing day.

The Only Games Of The Year 2021

Without bothering to see that the hashtag was a very serious sort of confessional online forum for Domestic Abuse victims to come clean about why they stayed with abusive partners. While they very quickly apologized, the media coverage pushed them to incessantly apologize to almost everyone who felt offended by their ignorant post. Cue petty criminals stealing up to $1000 dollars’ worth of goods in plain view of everyone and getting away scot-free, in spite of surveillance footage and witness testimony, because the police wouldn’t enforce the law and they were legally required to wear masks and conceal their identities. To compensate players angry about the Duffel Kerfuffle, Bethesda attempted to reward them with the barest minimum amount of in-game currency . The irony comes from the fact that not only does the promised canvas bag exist in-game as a cosmetic item, but its cost was just short of the compensation Bethesda gave out.

The third brilliant idea was to set a law that would allow early release for convicts who were serving time for non-violent crimes, serving less than a year or only had around a month left to serve . This law also applied to people who were just entering custody, so naturally this resulted in criminals being released from prison as soon as they get arrested . IH notes that crimes of all types skyrocketed during this whole debacle.

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While they could balance a budget, they were far too lenient with rule breakers. Years of absolutely no discipline attracted more and more degenerates, until things finally got wildly out of hand in the 2015 event. “The Engoodening of No Man’s Sky” starts off as a sort of Spiritual Successor to “The Fall of 76” as a look at another overhyped game that had a disastrous launch. Yes, they scammed people out of money and didn’t get sued because the stolen sums weren’t big enough to be worth a legal battle. They didn’t get away cleanly though, as their names are now permanently attached to the hilarious failure and scam that was Dashcon.

Billy McFarland and his responses to the widespread media mockery of Fyre Festival’s events, paraphrased by the Historian as “a big storm came in the night before and turned all of the marketing into lies”. While the Fyre Festival did get hit with a storm that utterly destroyed what little progress the organizers had all made in building the festival, the thing was practically doomed from the start for various reasons. While the organizers of Rainfurrest weren’t scamming anyone and had previously held successful events, the fact they were far too lenient with rule-breaking leads to their convention’s demise. Historian notes Rainfurrest and Dashcon as the Spiritual Antithesis of the other.

In the Rainfurrest, Dashcon, and Fyre Fest videos, attendees who take an accurate stock of the situation are shown. For example, a fur-suited furry tells his fellow attendees to put their pants on and stop breaking everything, and some Dashcon attendees figure out it’s a scam pretty quick. It goes to show that relatively normal/innocent people got involved in this stuff, instead of them all being freaks or gullible people like most sources on these subjects would have you believe. What makes this incredibly petty is that they previously demonstrated that they were perfectly capable of making commemorative canvas bags, as seen with the previous New Vegas bags and those influencers that received an actual canvas bag for promoting Fallout 76. For some reason, Bethesda just made things worse for themselves at every turn. He disclaims his research into what happened to the money that went into Dashcon as merely speculation on his part, but it’s very clear that he’s calling out the event organizers for opportunistically stealing money.

In “The Cost of Concordia”, the Costa Concordia crashing into the rocks, a massive real-life disaster, is portrayed in dramatic Slow Motion with sad music… And stereotypical Italian things like glasses of wine, plates of pasta, and accordions being flung through the cabin by the impact. Used as the framing device for the videos on the COVID-19 Pandemic, with them being set years after the virus has laid waste to Earth with humanity having outright abandoned it to colonize Mars under Elon Musk. My main issue with it is that the Hyperdrive Bundle icon sometimes seems to have priority over other, more important aspects in the game, such as TW or TB icons.

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In his Q&A, the IH notes that the amount of money they walked away with isn’t worth the difficulty they will have finding jobs in the future. And while he hasn’t said it outright, he seems to be a huge Fallout fan based on how much he’s used clips and screenshots from the games in other videos. The “Snitching Hotlines” in “TheVarus Strakes Buck” clearly didn’t think through that people would not be pleased at the idea of being ratted out to any sort of governmental authority, and so the servers were swarmed with prank calls, vulgar memes, and nudes. Not so anonymous or private when it turns out state sunshine laws ensure that their details are actually on public record and can be viewed by anyone who knows where to look.

The video for Fallout 76 is laden with IH’s scorn for the rampant incompetence of almost every part of the game’s launch and Bethesda’s inept responses to its many controversies, with only the beleaguered development team, who got saddled with actually making the game despite having no experience with either always-online or Fallout games, getting any sympathy. As part of his framing device for the “Failure of Fyre Festival” video. The Historian bought a ticket for Fyre Festival, fooled by promises of a luxurious vacation and party.

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